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  • Size: 0kb
  • Downloads: 1083
  • Version: 1.0
  • Date Added: November 27
  • Website: Visit
  • Last Updated: November 27
  • Category: Search Tools
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Factotum is a "search assistant" for Safari. It opens a small window next to your active Safari window and loads a search page in it. So far, that's nothing you couldn't do by yourself. The unique feature of Factotum is that when you click an offsite link in the little search window, the link opens in your main window—not the search window.

To open Factotum's window, just click the Factotum button on Safari's toolbar. If you select some text in the current window first, Factotum will immediately perform a search on that text in your default search engine. If not, it will open your default search engine's home page.


  • November 27 Extension uploaded.


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